Achieve online marketing
success quickly
with Cafe24’s Marketing

Online marketing requires a professional and systematic approach.
Drive your marketing campaigns to success quickly and efficiently
with the help of Cafe24’s Marketing.

※ This is a service available mainly in korea,
to be introduced soon.

Domestic marketing

Discover the best advertising
strategy for your store
using keyword,
display, and social media ads

with Cafe24’s Marketing.

Set clear goals, differentiated strategies, accurate targeting,
and precise performance measures.
Achieve successful marketing
with Cafe24’s Marketing.

Keyword ads

Reach 50 million customers through keyword ads
on Korea’s leading search engines, Naver and Daum.

Shopping ads

Find customers that are looking for products in the easiest
and quickest way. Improve sales by attracting the customers who are most likely to buy from your store.

Social media ads

Gain opportunities to secure new customers with essential social networking services like Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube.

Display ads

Establish distinctive branding in the most effective way.
Attract more potential customers by raising
your brand awareness.

Mobile ads

Optimize your ads for customers using a variety
of mobile devices like smartphones and tablets.

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