460G backbone network
ensures global events Supports
payment, logging, customer service
for global fans

With the popularity of Korean culture, including K-pop and K-drama, spreading throughout
the world, more and more global customers are turning their eyes to K-products.
The global entertainment business through Cafe24 is growing as various products such
as artists’ albums and photo goods are introduced and delivered to overseas customers.

Design Center

Recommended themes for

entertainment websites

Cafe24’s Design Center offers a variety of store themes
that make online stores an entertainment space for global fans.

Multilingual themes for global fans

Utilize themes in various languages, including English, Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese, and Korean. You can present consistent brand identity to fans all around the world.

A platform optimized for global store operations and events

Stable infrastructure completely safe

for large events

The automated traffic forecasting technology
of Cafe24 enables you to respond safely
and flexibly without site
lagging even when unexpected traffic is driven by simultaneous
album releases
and event promotions around the world.

Customization Feature For The Entertainment Business

Global store operations
with local experts

Customization Feature For The Entertainment Business

Global customer responses
with real-time big data analysis

Optimization app

Various apps to help you manage a global store

Fastbox overseas shipping

Easily ship products to anywhere in the world via Fast Box. You can raise customer satisfaction by shipping products quickly and accurately to customers through a well-known local carrier.

Fastbox – Selection of a convenience store in Taiwan

Through connection with the Fast Box logistics service, customers can select Family Mart branches in Taiwan as the destination for delivery, providing convenience to Taiwanese customers.

Multilingual store with automatic translation request

Need translation services for product information or images? Get high-quality translations for various languages, such as English, Chinese (Traditional/Simplified), Japanese, Spanish and Portuguese.

SSL security certificate

Conversion into https address, latest global standard, is available without separate work done. The fast and pleasant network environment enables stable store operations.

Chat consultation instead of phone calls, Channel Talk

Respond to customers inquiries on the store site in real-time with just one click, encouraging their purchases. In addition, manage KakaoTalk and NAVER Talk in one location.

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