Increase work efficiency
by creating your content
the AI-based Edibot service

Check out Cafe24’s AI-based Edibot to easily create hundreds of
product detail pages as well as banner ad images for events all by yourself.
Boost productivity by creating more content in less time using Edibot. 

※ Some services are coming soon


Upload a bulk of product images

and create detail pages easily

and conveniently with
the AI-based Edibot.

Use Edibot, an AI-based automatic content editing tool, to sort our hundreds of product images in seconds.
Allow Edibot to locate photos automatically to create product detail pages more conveniently. 

Analyze product images
automatically with AI

Analyze product images with Edibot and automatically sort them out
by color and by product categories. For example, when you randomly upload
photos of dresses and blouses, Edibot will automatically sort
and locate the products by their types.

Also, Edibot automatically recognizes product categories based only on
images and gives autocomplete suggestions for detailed information
such as the size chart and materials.

Utilize user-friendly interface

Type, arrange images, and add videos with just a few clicks and drags.
You don’t need professional design knowledge to create attractive
product detail pages. 

Go global with ease
by using automatic translation feature,
according to countries

Accessing global e-commerce market got easier with Edibot service.

Edibot uses big data to support merchant create product detail pages
into different languages easily.

Edibot Themes

Design your online store easily

by using Edibot Theme’s drag-and-drop feature

Creating your online store just got easier.
Even beginners without expertise
in design can create
an attractive online store using Edibot Theme. 

Design a cool online store without a sweat

Use the drag-and-drop feature from Edibot Theme to change
the layout just the way you like it.

Provide an optimized version of your store design

for desktop and mobile

Check out Edibot’s free responsive themes
that automatically adjust the layout’s size on
different devices including, desktop, mobile, and tablet.

Edibot Banner

Create pop-up ads and promotions

for your store with Edibot Banner

Choose from the provided template.
Just add images and
text to create an online store banner you want. 

Using Edibot Banner has been
made easy for anyone

Increase work efficiency with Edibot Banner.
All you need to do to add, delete, and fix images is to click and drag-and-drop.

Use banner design templates
without worrying about copyrights

Apply stickers and fonts provided in Edibot Banner as much as you want. No need to worry about the copyrights. 

Try different features to create
your banner

Create your own banner by using different styles of fonts, filters, and stickers for free. 

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