Use target marketing
to increase conversion rates

It is important to attract customers who are most likely to enjoy your store.
Target marketing can halve advertising costs and double sales.
Cafe24 can even help you capture mobile customers.

Target marketing

Targeting advertising
to customers

who are most likely
to purchase your products

will lower costs and boost sales.

Use our wide range of target marketing services to meet potential customers
and consumers who are most likely to purchase.

Marketing automation app


Continually displaying pop-ups to encourage customer reviews through ReviewTalkTalk resulted in more customer reviews. The more reviews, the higher the conversion rate.

Minyoung Cho, CEO of Mybany.

Plus App

Mobile customers make most of

their purchases on store apps

Want to create an app for your store but don’t have
a developer?
Cafe24 helps you create an app for your store
that is optimized for all mobile environments.
Use Plus App
to create the best app targeting your mobile customers.

Kakao Sync

Easy customer attraction

and efficient target marketing

via Kakao Talk

Want to draw more customers to your online store? Worried about your marketing efficiency declining?
Use Kakao Sync to easily and rapidly attract registered customers to your online store through quick sign-ups.
Use the service to conduct targeted marketing based on customer data.

Quick store sign-ups through Kakao Talk

Provide visitors with a quick and easy sign-up to your store’s subscription services using their Kakao Talk account data. The one-time subscription signs up customers for both your online store and the Kakao Talk channel.

Automatic login when visiting your online store via Kakao Talk

Members who have signed up for Kakao Sync through a simple subscription will remain logged in when they visit your online store via Kakao Talk messages. Streamline customer’s shopping experience across apps to increase online store sales.

Targeted marketing based on customer data

Send ad messages ideal for your customers via the Kakao Talk Channel Admin Center based on the data obtained, such as age, gender, offline visits, areas of interest, and purchase history.

Connecting to Kakao services

Kakao Sync’s customer data can be used together with various Kakao services, such as KakaoMoment, notifications, and consultations.

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