Statistical analysis service
to increase your sales hit rate

Who’s going to buy my products? What will sell well? When will they sell best?
Operate your store professionally with big data-based systematic analytics.

Data analytics

A variety of statistical analysis services to drive sales

It also allows you to establish a sales strategy, examine customer responses, and identify advertising effects. Using statistical analysis data increases sales and reduces costs.

Connection statistics

Get a quick view of customer inflow route

and advertising effectiveness

Where are my customers coming from? Are sales higher on PC or mobile devices?
Cafe24’s connection statistics service makes it easy for anyone
to analyze customer routes to your store and sales performance.

Store product analytics

See in one glance how many times each product was viewed,
added to shopping carts, purchased, and total sales amount.

Useful information available for free with Google Analytics code installation

You can install Google Analytics code on your store with just a few clicks. Try customizing the dashboard to match the characteristics of your store, and get the information you want faster.

Visitor and page analytics

See the number of visits, where your visitors are located, and which page was viewed the most in your store.

Advertising effect analytics

See the number of visitors and sales information by advertisement and search keyword.

Buyer analytics

See information such as the number of purchases or buyers relative to visitors and the preferred price range.


A data analytics tool
that informs you of real-time
customer responses

SERA is a data analytics tool that shows customer reactions in real-time. You can check the data directly in your store without administrative login. It analyzes data immediately after a product is seen or purchased.

Order information shown in real-time

Get real-time updates on order status from product inquiry to order placements.

Instant response to customer reactions

Identify popular products in real-time for display strategies and promotions. You can develop instant sales strategies based on real-time product sales performance data.

Diverse analysis for ad effectiveness

Identify which advertising media and which keywords visitors used to find your store in real-time. Analyze the advertising effects by media, keyword, date, and more.

We are operating our store based on real-time data through SERA. Operations have become more professional as we employ more capabilities, like changing the order of display according to the customer reactions or analyzing advertising effects in real-time.

Heejung Kim, CEO of Benito
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