Cafe24, the choice of 1,860,000 online stores

Create your own online store for free by signing up as a member.
Cafe24 offers a wide variety of design templates and editing tools for you to create a great design in no time.
You can extend your sales channels to cover over 40 markets in just a few clicks.

Creating an online store for free

Free for anyone
with a creative mind

Many of the nation’s leading online brands like Stylenanda, 66Girls,
and Hotping have found worldwide success through Cafe24.
Anyone with an idea can start an online store at Cafe24. 

Build an online store
in five minutes.

Create a free online store by simply joining Cafe24. With Cafe24, you can create your own online store in minutes.

Free and unlimited for life

You can use unlimited product registrations, image storage space, and server traffic without any need to worry about monthly fees.

As there were limitations on our sales through blogs in the early days of the business, I was able to open my store free of charge through Cafe24. Since then, we have been stably running our website for over 10 years.

Yena Park, CEO of 66Girls

Online store operation

An online store that even
a one-person business can run easily

Cafe24 offers all the solutions and infrastructure you need to run your online store.
With the help of artificial intelligence, you can easily register your products and create product pages.

Various payment options

Integrated PG for payment
without any interruption

We offer the largest number of payment options
in Korea to provide
the best purchasing environment
for customers who visit your online store.
You can also use
our PG service on the day of application without filling out
a complicated application form.

Provides the largest number
of payment options in the industry

We provide the largest number of payment options in Korea from card payment, account transfer, and simple payment to mobile phone payment. Cash receipt and escrow are also available free of charge for card payment or account transfer.

Complete support for PC and
mobile devices

Enjoy the same features for PC and mobile devices without having to make separate settings.

Immediately opened PG

PG service will be available immediately on the day of application without a lengthy screening process. You can file your application through a simple information registration without registering as a business operator or filling out a complicated application form.

Sales channel extension

Easier market expansion
and global advancement

Manage various online marketplaces at home and abroad
in one place.
Create a global online store with just a few clicks
and reach overseas markets.

Sell through Facebook
and Instagram at the same time

Integrate 40 channels

Make sales overseas with
just a few clicks

Make sales on social media
with Buy Now URLs

Easily extend your market channels with the market integration management feature. This is because products, registration, order, and delivery of all the open markets linked to the Cafe24 admin page are now available.

Chongmyung Jang, CEO of Merong Shop

Online store marketing

Marketing strategies to
boost sales

Easily engage in marketing for your online store through links with social media channels. You can also manage customer inquiries made through social media in one place.

Easy social media marketing

Simple social media management

Professional marketing group available at Cafe24

Cafe24 experts help you boost your sales with effective strategies and free consultations.

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