Design your own online store
that is easy for anyone to build

With over 24,000 design templates and an easy design tool called Edibot Design,
complete your own online store design.
We even offer license-free Korean and English fonts.


Cafe24 Themes has all
the store themes

that you will ever need!

It offers a quick overview of trendy online store themes created by professional designers.
Choose the right theme for your online store and improve customers’ first impressions.

Korea’s largest design pool
with over 24,000 templates

Cafe24 Themes offers the largest number of online store
design templates in Korea. Part design sources, such as icons, logos,
and pop-ups are also provided to preserve all the details.

High-quality designs created
by over 20,000 professional designers

Cafe24 Themes has 20,000 professional design partners.
Take a step closer to business success with the latest, trendy,
high-quality templates created by a pool of professionals.

Customized themes
for different product categories

We provide themes suitable for different product categories,
such as fashion, beauty, life, food, sports, and pet products.
Increase the competitiveness of your online store
with customized designs.

Multi-lingual templates for global entry

We provide design templates for various languages, including Korean,
English, Japanese, Chinese, and Vietnamese

IT is really easy to design a size. Customers are highly satisfied with Cafe24 because it allows anyone who studies just a little bit to create a great online store. The CEO of the online store can only focus on creating best-seller products.

Hyunjoo Lee, CEO of Hello Boy

Edibot Design

A responsive online store design
that allows anyone to create one easily

With rich design elements, such as banners and pop-ups,
responsive templates, and powerful drag-and-drop feature,
anyone can easily create a unique design.

Just drag-and-drop to create a design

Design your online store by simply dragging the design elements with your mouse and placing them where you want. You can easily and quickly create your own online store design. 

Rich design components

More than 500 design elements are available for free, including banners and pop-up windows. If the design elements you want are not available, you can customize your own.

Free responsive templates

Responsive online store templates are available for free. Operate your store on various IT device environments, such as computers, mobile devices, and tablet computers.

Even though I didn’t know much about complicated codes, I was able to design my own online store with drag-and-drop. Since you can easily and simply design your own online store without hiring a web designer, it allows you to focus more on manufacturing and distributing quality products.

Insoo Yu, CEO of Mon Grass Market

Edibot Banner

A online store banner created
in one minute

Simply select and edit a template to create a banner and pop-up that suits your online store.
The AI-based Edibot banner updates templates for each user,
further reducing the working hours required to create a banner.

  • Various default templates
    We provide a wide variety of templates for various situations such as
    periodic sales and events. Select a template, replace the image,
    and modify the text to create a stylish banner.
  • Templates upgraded by artificial intelligence
    Artificial intelligence learns how to modify templates of many users to
    upgrade them. Advanced templates reduce the time it takes to create a banner.
  • Free customization with powerful editing features
    It provides various editing features such as size adjustment, rotation,
    filter effect, font, etc. Create your own banner on an empty canvas.

Free fonts

Free fonts applicable anywhere without

any concerns over copyright infringement

From online store logos, product descriptions, banners, and event pages,

we offer free commercial font or anyone to use.

Create content you want without worrying about copyright infringement.

New fonts released regularly

Be careful of any copyright infringement when
you create various contents for your online store.
Cafe24 constantly updates free fonts to enhance
the content competitiveness of online stores. 

Essential fonts for merchants

Fully compatible with the Edibot series

Cafe24’s free fonts are fully compatible with Edibot, the AI-based content editor. Free fonts are also available for you to create unique content in all Edibot series, including Edibot Banner (feature that makes it easy to create online store banners with AI) and Edibot Fit (feature that allows you to quickly enter product information and automatically translate product information with AI).”

Smart design

An online store designed
just the way you like

You will have a high degree of freedom to design your online store with just simple HTML work.
You will be able to express your design without learning difficult programming language.
Try various sources provided by smart design to easily design your own online store.

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