One-stop logistics services
for e-commerce from warehousing
to the delivery of goods

Fulfillment by Cafe24 provides optimized logistics outsourcing services for each stage of growth,
from early-stage merchants to large stores. You only need to focus on growing your store
since Cafe24 will satisfy your logistics needs.

Fulfillment by Cafe24 (FBC)

Systematic logistics systems

and infrastructure specialized
in e-commerce

FBC provides one-stop services for the entire process of logistics,

such as product storage, release, packing, and shipping.

Reasonable prices even
for a small quantity of shipments

Flexible and reasonable prices differentiated from a general logistics companies. Available to early-stage startups who have a small number of shipments.

Various additional services used
in combination as you wish

Additional services, including clothing inspection, notice addition, and gift enclosure, are provided. It is also possible to combine domestic customer service and other connected services based on logistics. By combining various additional services according to your store’s situation, you can simply focus on key tasks for growth.

High-quality services that incorporate
e-commerce knowhow

Enjoy high-quality logistics services based on the long-standing e-commerce know-how of Cafe24. Dedicated logistics managers are responsible for managing customers’ products, including inventory control and shipping status management.

Smart manager helps systematic logistics management

Cafe24 smart managers will help you manage the status of logistics, such as operational statistics, card payment, billing, and settlement, all at once. Our structured system helps you predict logistics costs and manage your business. Enjoy the powerful Cafe24 smart manager service for free.

Special service for fashion and clothing stores

You can trust us with all the products you buy and produce with clothing-specific inspection services, such as simple contamination checks and removal, loose threads removal, color and basic design check, and subsidiary materials check.

We entrust products that need to be delivered within a week to FBC. Even if a problem arises due to the prolonged COVID-19 pandemic, we manage our logistics at both our headquarters and Cafe24 to handle them in a stable manner.

Jinah Park, CEO of Dogshower

Overseas shipping outsourcing

Simply send products

for international orders
to the domestic

Cafe24 will take care of the rest!

Overseas shipping can be complicated and requires a great deal of knowledge.
Just send us your products and Cafe24 will take care of all other procedures.
Using our own logistics warehouse, FBC partners with 10 carriers,
such as EMS, and crosses global logistics barriers.

One-stop international shipping
just like domestic shipping

As long as you send your products to the domestic warehouse,
we will provide one-stop support for customs payment,
export declaration, local transportation, and delivery.
Our professional staff safely and completely handles demanding
logistics processes such as product storage, warehousing
and shipment management, packaging, and dispatch.

Significant reduction in fixed
logistics costs

The overseas delivery service of Cafe24 reduces fixed costs
for maintaining and operating your own warehouse.
Based on the real-time inventory control of Cafe24,
you will streamline logistics costs while maintaining proper inventory.

Four customized options in consideration
of product characteristics

Fastbox Mail for lighter, bulky products, Fastbox Economy
for general products, Fastbox Premium for heavy and bulky products,
and Fastbox Standard for services specialized for e-commerce.
Various customized options are provided according
to product characteristics.

Up to 70% cheaper prices through
partnerships with global carriers

Get fast and safe overseas delivery services based
on strategic alliances with major global carriers, such as EMS,
CJ Logistics, FedEx, Yamato Transport Global, and DHL.
You will be able to benefit from fees that are up to 70% cheaper.

International shipping has become easier through Cafe24. From customs payment to customs clearance, the complicated and difficult process is easily and rapidly handled, raising our international customers’ satisfaction.

Kyungseok Seo, General Manager of Dr.Jart+
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