Easy and fast product registration
with AI-powered Edibot

The AI-powered content editor Edibot will take care of your product registration daily task.
You can increase the operational efficiency of your store further with AI.

Product registration with Edibot

Detailed product page created

in three minutes with Edibot

From photo categorization and placement to product information preparation
and foreign language translation, Cafe24’s artificial intelligence
content editor Edibot cuts down the burden of producing product detail pages,
which typically take dozens of minutes per product.

Automatically categorize hundreds of photos in 30 seconds

Edibot automatically categorizes uploaded images into model-shot
or product detail images. It even categorizes images by product color.

Various design templates

Templates for various items such as fashion, beauty,
and food are available free of charge. Use design templates created
by experts to create professional-level product detail pages.

Easy-to-use, blog-like interface

An interface that is easy to use and intuitive even
for beginners is available. Even if you don’t know how
to use Photoshop, you can still easily create detailed
product pages, just like creating a blog post.

Flexible layout and highly usable stickers

You can place various product images to match your desired style,
such as 2-step horizontal and 3-step vertical placement.
You can use eye-catching sticker images to highlight your products.

Automatic translation into various languages

Automatically fill out product information with Edibot Fit!

Edibot is the best tool for merchants in apparel because it allows you to create professional-quality product detail pages even if you don’t know much about design.

Heejin Yoon, Director of Double K

Convenience in product registration

Product registration feature

that reduces repetitive tasks and
work efficiency

Cafe24 offers a variety of convenient features to help you reduce
the effort to categorize or enter options.
As manual work becomes
reduced, store operations become easier.

Option set template

You can set frequently-used options such as color and size in advance. If it is a similar product, just click on the template you saved and you are all done!

Categorisation with drag-and-drop

Do you spend too much time categorizing products? Just drag and drop with your mouse. Product organization becomes easy.

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