Outsource product manufacturing
and purchasing in one-stop
Leave it to Cafe24

Worried about where and how to obtain products for sale?
cafe24 will take care of the complicated and cumbersome task of
purchasing cosmetics and even produce cosmetic products for you.

Purchasing outsourcing

Outsource your Dongdaemun

purchasing tasks to Easy Pick

Easy Pick is a one-stop purchasing service that allows you
to purchase products online
without having to visit Dongdaemun
in person. It handles all purchasing tasks,
from transaction
statements (receipts) to settlement management.

Purchase clothes conveniently
from Dongdaemun

Order constantly updated products conveniently. Place one-time orders from different wholesalers. Pickup and delivery are also carried out by Easy Pick.

Single purchases available

Purchase single items, allowing even a small store to start its business without much inventory.

Easy transaction statements &
settlement management

There is no need to collect and manage transaction statements (receipts) separately for each client you purchase from, or to settle the accounts manually. Order details, payment before delivery, and refunds for each merchant are all managed by Easy Pick. You can also automatically issue monthly tax invoices.

Cosmetics manufacturing service 

Launch your own

cosmetics brand with Cafe24

Cafe24’s cosmetics experts will help you with everything from product planning

to manufacturer connecting for launching your brand.

Free, unlimited consultation

You can receive free consultation at Cafe24 at any time. Consult with our experts to get answers for trend surveys and to launch a cosmetics brand.

Complex procedure outsourcing

Outsource complex processes to Cafe24, such as contacting manufacturers, managing production and quality, and identifying related legislations.

Small-quantity production of as little as 1,000 units

Manufacture 1,000 units with manufacturers via small-quantity production systems.
* Production quantity may vary by item.

Professional staff support from designers to merchandisers

Get support from experts in every field, including brand managers, package designers, web designers, merchandisers, salespersons, and more. Start your own beauty business without hiring any additional staff.

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