Manage orders, delivery, and inventory
that are easy to view and process

Experience the most optimal environment for systematic business operations
from orders and delivery to cancellations, exchanges, and return processing.
Boost customer trust with fast and accurate delivery.

Order and delivery

Order and delivery management features

and a wide range of delivery options
that drive up sales

We provide various features, such as a real-time order status board,
delivery commission, and recurring delivery. In addition to fast and reliable product delivery,
you can set up your order delivery however you want.

Step-by-step verification of detailed order and delivery information

Solve complex shipping tasks with the Delivery Commission app

Secure loyal customers with recurring delivery

We deliver coffee beans every 1 week to 6 months, according to customer preferences. Payments are made automatically the day before shipping begins through the store. Thanks to the recurring payment and shipping system we have on our store, we can streamline the process for our customers. Due to the high repeat purchase rate considering the characteristics of coffee,
it has been great for us.

Boram Kim, Store Part Leader of Brown Bag Coffee

Cancellation, exchange, and return

Cancellation, exchange, and returns

for responding to all scenarios

You can respond quickly to complex issues,

thereby increasing customer satisfaction.

The e-commerce platform with the most functions

We provide the largest number of cancellation, exchange, return, and refund functions to easily deal with all customer services.

Subdivided cancellation, exchange, and return status board

Systematic business handling is available through detailed status boards such as reception, processing, and completion.

Inventory control

Systematic inventory control

You can increase operational efficiency with powerful inventory
control features concerning quantity, rating, sales, and more.

Inventory control by type

Manage your products by inventory control subdivided
into grades, such as general and important.

Out-of-stock control

Check sold-out products at a glance, allowing you to respond promptly.

Collective registration

Upload and manage inventory information for a large number of products to Excel.

Easy Admin for taking care of form order management to settlement

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