Cafe24 mobile services
for easy selling anywhere

Drive up sales by managing your online business anytime and
anywhere with an optimized mobile interface. 

Cafe24’s mobile services

Drive sales growth

with mobile devices anywhere

Carry out all business tasks, such as registering products,
managing orders and marketing, on your mobile as you would on a PC.
Enjoy a wide variety of features that make mobile selling easy.

Mobile admin

Easy and convenient product

and order management

Optimized user interface for mobile devices make it easy

to register and manage products.

Easy product registration with the AI content editor Edibot

AI-powered editor tool Edibot automatically sorts and places photos, registers product information, and translates multiple languages. It automatically sorts product photos shot on smartphones, allowing you to create product detail pages and register your products anywhere, without the need for a desktop computer.


Flexible product display
with drag-and-drop 

Change the product display order with the quick drag-and-drop feature without having to manually edit one by one.

Real-time order status at a glance

You can check the current status of your online store in real-time, such as order status, sales information, and out-of-stock products.

Mobile shopping environment

Cafe24 online stores’ competitive
mobile shopping environment

Cafe24 provides an environment optimized

for mobile shopping to maximize mobile sales.

Faster mobile shopping experience with Google AMP technology

Cafe24 online stores provide a fast and pleasant mobile shopping environment for consumers in countries and regions with slow Internet speeds, thereby increasing consumer visit duration and site inflow as well as preventing visitors from leaving the website.

Strengthening mobile awareness with Cafe24 mobile app

Increase your customer visit and purchase rates with automatic login, push notifications, and targeted promotions.

Specialized feature for mobile sales

Sales growth with
the mobile sales feature

Sell products and increase sales with various features by connecting various social media
from Instagram to Facebook with your online store.

Facebook Channel

Edibot Social

Create posts containing product and order links through templates, and upload them at once to all social media channels. Get started for easy social media management.

LIVE24 Live Commerce

Real-time live shopping commerce is also available at the online store. Link products registered on your Cafe24 online store with your smartphone and sell them via live streams. Anyone can participate in live streams to increase the competitiveness of your online store.

Buy Now URL

Share Buy Now links anywhere, including social media, instant messengers, and more. Customers can click on the link and be redirected to the order form for quick order and check out.

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