Business management
support services for merchants

There are many things you need to take care of to run your online business.
Cafe24 enables you to easily resolve tasks needed for management,
such as tax and accounting, finance, ERP, and legal advice.

Tax outsourcing

Entrust complicated

tax problems to experts

Experts specializing in e-commerce will help with complex
and frequently-changing tax regulations.

Tax consultation customized
for stores

Tax experts specializing in e-commerce offer consultation for income and expenditure.

Prevent omissions
in tax report data

We prepare all documentary evidence without any omissions in time for tax filing for busy business operators.

Automatic bookkeeping

Complete burdensome

bookkeeping automatically.

We collect transaction details such as sales and expenses
for automatic bookkeeping.
You can easily proceed with tax filing
by converting automatically-collected records into files.

Reduce your annual
tax costs by about 1,000 dollars

Use our automatic bookkeeping service to save 1,000 to 2,000 dollars a year in tax expenses incurred by tax agency bookkeeping and consignment of filing.

Automatic books
to save taxes

Enjoy tax deductions through the careful management of credit card expenditures for businesses.

Easy tax filing
with just one click

Create and automatically send tax accounting books to Home Tax to easily process electronic tax returns.

Employee wage
management at once

Get administrative and accounting support, including payroll and insurance.

Trademark and patent rights

Professional legal services

to protect brand assets

Cafe24 will take care of difficult and complex legal tasks such
as checking contracts,
registering trademarks, and applying for patents.
With the help of lawyers with e-commerce expertise
and the latest technology, you can protect your valuable brand value.

Easy domestic and international trademark registration

Apply for trademark registration both domestically and internationally on the administrator page. You can protect your brand value and future-proof your business for possible disputes through trademark registration.

See your trademark registration status in real-time

Information on the progress from consultation application to product registration is available in real-time.

Connecting lawyers with
e-commerce expertise

Consult with a patent attorney specialized in e-commerce if you need further consultation on trademarks and patents.

Handle contracts without face-to-face contact

Financial services

Financial services for stores

Enjoy a wide range of financial benefits only for Cafe24 merchants,
including loans for operating funds and fund management services.

Up to 9,000 dollars in credit loans

You can easily and quickly borrow up to 9,000 dollars for emergency operating funds as a Cafe24 merchant.

Up to 90,000 dollars in guarantee secured loans

You can get referred to borrow up to 90,000 dollars for emergency operating funds with a certificate from a credit guarantee institution.

Manage cash flow at a glance


Integrated business management through ERP connection

ERP allows for the integrated management of money and actual asset flow around the store.

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