The easiest way to meet
7.5 billion consumers worldwide

Use your Korean store to create multi-lingual stores in nine different languages, including English,
Japanese, and Vietnamese, with just one click. Cafe24 also offers services that are essential for success
on the global stage such as payment, delivery, CS, and integrated marketing.

Global store

Entry into the global market
with just one click.

Create a global store for consumers around the world with Cafe24.
It is easy to manage a global online store just like the one you manage at home.

Create a global store for free

Online store in 9 different languages
with one admin.

There is no need for you to register additional products for each online store. Based on your default store, you only need to translate the product information to another language. You will be able to manage all products in the global online store on a single page.

Overseas mall production service
assigned to experts

If the free online store is not sufficient for you, you can always get help from the overseas mall production service provided by global experts at Cafe24. We offer one-stop support for design, translation, and localization for global branding.

We run Cafe24 stores in Japanese, Chinese, Taiwanese, and English. In Japan our strategies to offer the trendiest clothes in various sizes at reasonable prices for young women interested in Korean fashion worked out well. As of 2019, the repeat purchase rate of local customers exceeded 70%. We are planning to make Hotping available in more countries.

Yeojin Kim, CEO of Hotping

Global operational support

Experts at Cafe24 remain
in the entire process

from global entry to success.

From promotion considering the local culture and trends and expansion of sales channels to customer management.
We offer the necessary services to help your online business succeed on the global stage.

Customized promotions of local experts

Local experts provide promotion planning, production, and operation based on the data built over the years. We even help you post on major social media channels such as Instagram and Weibo.

Expand sales channels
to overseas online marketplaces

No worries for customer service even
for international customers

Global payment

We offer easy and reliable payment services wherever your customers are in the world.

Cafe24 provides localized payment services in partnership with world-class partners. Like in Korea, overseas payment services will allow payment immediately upon application.

  • Customized overseas payment services tailored to each country
    We offer quick and safe payment services available anywhere in the world through partnerships with Paypal, Eximbay, Axes, Alipay, EC Pay and other local PGs.
  • Global payment available immediately upon application
    We provide an instant launch service that allows you to use global payment services on the day of application.
  • Simple application procedure that completes with a click
    You no longer need to fill out a complicated application to use overseas payment services. You can simply apply for a link to the online store from the overseas payment menu on the admin page.

Customers from the US, Japan, and Southeast Asia visit our global store. It is convenient to make sales as it is equipped with a country-specific payment system for visitors. Also, international customers write many reviews, adding vitality to our online store.

eunyoung Oh, CEO of Love Me Most

Global shipping

You can deliver your products
quickly and safely wherever your customers are in the world.

Cafe24 has partnered with leading global carriers to provide
the finest delivery service anywhere in the world.

Same-day pickup also available for overseas shipping

You can send overseas shipping information in real time from the admin page and use the same-day pickup service.
Shipments reach their destinations within 2-3 days in Asia,
and within 4-6 days in other countries.

Even special discounts and post-payment benefits

Through our partnership with Korea Post, the customers of
Cafe24 are eligible to receive up to 14% in discounts.
You can pay the charges later.

Safely handling even heavy products

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