Sell and deliver to
200 countries
around the world

Create and operate a global store in 9 languages, including English, Japanese, and Vietnamese.
Experience localized payment, delivery, customer service, and marketing services.

Multi-language store

First step for global expansion!

Create a multi-language store

Expand your domestic store to cover 9 languages including
English, Japanese, and Vietnamese. Meet consumers around the world.

  • Creating a simple multi-language store
    With just one click, you can create and operate a store in various languages. You only need to translate the product information without registering it again.
  • One administrator page
    Operate your domestic store and global stores in 9 languages on one administrator page.
  • Global stores built by experts
    If you want your multi-language store’s design to match your domestic store, use our global store creation service. Design, translation and localization will be completely provided by experts.

In the beginning, we were supplying products to China through wholesale websites. But when our products gained popularity in 2016, we built an English store targeting the US through Cafe24. We have since added our Chinese and Japanese stores. As we conduct marketing using local influencers, we are making the most sales in the US.

Seunghwan Lee, CEO of Ssumj

One-stop localization

Locally optimized shopping environments

from payment to delivery and customer service

Cafe24 offers fully localized services to allow global consumers
to enjoy shopping through easy purchases and fast product delivery.

Specialized payment gateway
for each country

We provide  payment gateway (PG) services for each country
through services such as PayPal, Eximbay, Axes, Alipay, and EC Pay.
We help consumers make payments safely from anywhere in the world. 

Customized customer services
for international shoppers

Instant global marketplace expansion

Fast and accurate cross-border delivery

Global integrated marketing

Cafe24’s global marketing experts

and network drive sales growth

Grow into a global brand through the big data analysis and rich local marketing experience of our experts.
Cafe24’s global marketing partners provide great support.

Marketing expert group

Country-specific marketing experts develop marketing strategies tailored to each country from search engine optimization (SEO) to influencer marketing.

Global marketing network

Enjoy the benefits of the most effective local marketing methods through Cafe24’s official partnerships with major global marketing media, such as YouTube, Facebook, TikTok, and KakaoTalk.

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