Sell on Facebook and Instagram
worldwide for sales through the roof!

Pioneer markets by selling on Facebook and Instagram with Cafe24.
Create a one-stop shop to advertise your brand to 3.3 billion Facebook and Instagram users,
and venture anywhere in the world, including Asia, Europe and North America.

Facebook Shops?

What is Facebook Shops

Cafe24 merchants can easily open Facebook and Instagram Shops with just
a few clicks regardless of the size of their business, from one-person startups to large enterprises.
You can showcase different content like product photos from your online store on Facebook and Instagram.

Create a Facebook shop with just a few clicks

Just like downloading apps from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store, you can add the Facebook Shops feature through the Cafe24 admin page or Cafe24 Store and use the Facebook Shops service with a simple setup.

Seamless shopping experience

Many consumers see product-related content on social media channels,
such as Facebook and Instagram. Content views on Facebook and Instagram
lead to product purchases, offering a seamless and rapid online shopping experience.

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Broaden the market with social media commerce

Easy and fast operation
of Facebook Shops
with Cafe24
with just a few clicks

Cafe24, the only partner of the Facebook Shops project in East Asia,
was the first to integrate its platform to Shops in real-time.
Easily set up Shops and expand your market on the Cafe24 platform.

Setup in just a minute

With Cafe24, you can open your Shop in a few clicks without any complicated online store authentication and registration process. Facebook, Instagram Shops, and ad settings are available all at once.

Integrated management of Facebook, Instagram and Facebook Messenger

Sends thousands of products
to Shops at once

Cafe24 integrates with Catalog, a space containing product information of the online store page and Facebook Shops in real-time. Display hundreds to thousands of products in your online store on social media at once without any repetitive tasks.

Automatically generate photo book-like Collections

Collection is a feature that combines products by category on Facebook and Instagram and displays them like a photo book. Cafe24 automatically creates a Collection with the online store category information to improve operational efficiency.

Easy global entry

You can enter anywhere

in the world
where there are

Facebook and Instagram users.

The combination of Facebook and Instagram, the world’s largest

social media platforms, with the Cafe24 global service allows anyone

to easily venture into the global market.

Easily find customers and sell products around the world.

Optimize display anywhere in the world just
by setting your desired location

You can display your products anywhere as there are
3.3 billion Facebook and Instagram users in Korean,
the US, Europe, Japan and Southeast Asia.
All you have to do is connect the free multi-online store
with Shops on Cafe24 that supports nine different languages
and set the area to enter.

Global payments, shipping,
and customer service all at once

Cafe24 offers comprehensive one-stop services,
including payment, shipping, and customer service,
to reach global customers. Online merchants only need to
focus on creating attractive content and a fan base
through social media.

Close collaboration between Cafe24 and Facebook

Cafe24, an official global partner

of Facebook Shops.

In May, Cafe24 was selected as one of the partners participating
in Facebook’s new e-commerce project Facebook Shops.
Cafe24 is the only company in East Asia officially participating in the project.

Cafe24’s automation technology
for efficient operations

Sends abundant data for personalized recommendations

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