Extend the features of the store
to enable everything you want

Upgrade your business with marketing, customer consultation,
inventory management, AI, and big data apps. If the features
you want are not available, you can customize them as you like.

Cafe24 Store

The Cafe24 Store helps you find and

install apps with a single click

Various apps that enhance store competitiveness, such as big data, marketing,
artificial intelligence, and chatbot consultation, can be installed immediately.
Expand the features of your store to provide the best shopping experience for your customers

Essential apps for
more than 200 different categories

All the apps necessary for your store’s operation are available,
including marketing, inventory control, and CS management.
You can reinforce your store by using apps based on
advanced technologies, such as AI and big data.

Support for app services from numerous
professional developers

Cafe24 Store offers services with more than 2,000
professional e-commerce developers.
You can find the trendiest apps.

Install in a single click

You can install the app you want with just a click.
Even beginners without any IT expertise can easily expand
their store’s features.

Unlimited expansion of features

Want to use all kinds of apps? Worry no more!
Cafe24 provides environments for you to install
an infinite number of apps.

It was convenient to install and use the app we needed right away on the Cafe24 admin page. We installed the Instagram Widget app to direct customers interested in the product posts on our Instagram account to our store’s product page.

Seungmin Baek, CEO of Thdam Shoes

Customized capabilities

Customize when you need

your own capabilities

Do the functions you want not exist? It’s easy to create.

You can customize your own to increase your sales,

customer satisfaction, and operational efficiency.

Customize your own functions

The largest number of APIs in the industry

Cafe24 provides over more than 300 APIs, the largest in the industry, including customer management, order integration, and delivery confirmation. Use API to build your unique app and enhance the competitiveness of your store.

We actively leverage the Cae24 Store to implement the capabilities we need. Furthermore, we are using the app-building service to create an online store unique to Perfumegraphy.

Yunpyo Hong, CEO of Perfumegraphy

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