Differentiated customer management
features that drive up sales

Communication with customers is very important for stores to grow.
You can listen to your customers through 13 different channels, including your store’s inquiries page,
social media, and messengers. In addition, you can easily boost your customers’ shopping experience by
providing rich benefits such as anniversary events, birthday coupons, and points for re-purchases


How to communicate with customers 24 hours a day all year round

You need to secure various channels to communicate with your customers at all times. Check and respond to inquiries through the real-time chatbot and 1:1 inquiries page. You can associate customer data such as member information and order information with communication channels for systematic management.

  • Real-time chatbot responses
    You can use various contactless chat services that many customers use, such as KakaoTalk and NAVER Talk. You can integrate the chatbot with customer information, allowing to rapidly and accurately respond to customer inquiries.

Provide benefits

Gain loyal customers
with rich benefits

You can hold various events for customers to re-visit in time
for their first purchase, birthday, anniversary, and other occasions.
Carry out promotions targeting regular, new, dormant, and leaving customers.

Data-based target events

You can find detailed customer information such as visit count, order amount, and purchase cycle at a glance. Hold various events and promotions by selecting the target customers.

Provide benefits in bulk
for each membership grade

You can easily check the customer grade you have set, such as VIPs and excellent customers. You can increase the number of loyal customers by offering a variety of benefits that will lead to purchases, such as coupons and points.

Message sending feature
that increases visiting rate

You can send news about new products and discounts periodically through email and social media. Send event messages automatically on birthdays and anniversaries to boost customer satisfaction.

Ever since we integrated the real-time chatting service Channel Talk to our Cafe24 store, both the number of members and conversion rate have quadrupled.  The automatically linked customer data enabled us to carry out customized customer management and automated marketing.

Mikyung Lee, CEO of Troiareuke

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