Entrust operations
and customer service
to e-commerce experts

Cafe24 helps the operation and management of domestic and international stores.
Experts in each field will save merchants’ time by operating stores and managing
customer service on their behalf. Venture into global markets by entrusting global
store operations and online marketplace listings.

Domestic customer service outsourcing

Professional customer service

that enhances customer satisfaction

This is an outsourcing service where professional call center representatives respond to phone inquiries from store customers.
High-quality responses by e-commerce professionals will increase the satisfaction of store customers.

Flexible operation is available according
to the volume of inquiries.

Multiple representatives are assigned to customer service responses and costs are incurred in direct relation to the number of calls processed. The level of customer satisfaction is high as the number of representatives can be flexibly operated according to the number of inquiries.

Dedicated store services

Designated representatives are professionally
assigned to stores to enhance customer satisfaction. They respond according to each store’s characteristics, and in addition to telephone work, respond to inquiries submitted through the store site and Kakao.

Customer service analytics

Get various statistical data, such
as inquiry types, to reflect customers’ demands
in your store’s operation.

It is tough to manage human resources for customer service so it is great to have this burden reduced through outsourcing. Their customer response skills were so excellent that many people left positive feedback on our site.

Sihoi Lee, CEO of Three Times

Outsource global store operations

Go global without having to know

the local language

From customer service and social media management

by Cafe24-associated local experts to big data-based promotions
and translations,
we provide all the services necessary
for global store operations.

Customer service by local representatives

Customer service experts associated with the Cafe24 system manage customers on account of local cultures. Customer service is handled according to the most widely-used means, such as phone, website inquiries page, email, messenger, and many others.

Local social media management for branding

Local promotions based on big data

Carry out local promotions based on data compiled over many years. Hold events during the local peak seasons and break down benefits by customers to maximize the effect of each promotion.

Translate product information through local experts

Translation experts will localize product information in five languages: English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Japanese, and Vietnamese. We offer reliability and convenience for our overseas customers by unifying the expressions and terminology that are widely use in the local market.

Affordable service costs

No setting fees are charged for the overseas operation outsourcing service. No sales will incur fees, so you will be able to start without any burden.

Outsource listing on global online marketplaces

Register on global marketplaces
with experts

What if you would like to promote your brand overseas but don’t know how to?
“Start with an online marketplace.”

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