Cafe24’s ad marketing boosts
your sales with cutting-edge
big data marketing!

Optimized advertising marketing is a shortcut to increasing sales.
Continue the rapid growth of your store through advertising strategies and
1:1 consultations with experts based on Cafe24’s cutting-edge
big data analysis technology.

1:1 professional consultation
and big data advertising strategies

The best advertising experts
present key

strategies to boost your sales based on

big data from 1,860,000 stores

Get the perfect ad marketing for your store—domestic and global experts
and partners will drive up the exposure optimization for your ads.

1:1 consultation by experts

Over 300 Cafe24 ad marketing experts offer optimized advertising strategies for each store. Receive professional consultation based on systematic analysis that suits your stores’ circumstances.

Big data-based advertising solutions

Utilize Cafe24’s big data that has been collected for more than 20 years and is specialized for e-commerce. Cafe24 offers the best advertising solutions to increase new visitors, revisits, and more, with detailed data, such as orders and weblogs.

We chose Cafe24’s Marketing Center over other companies because the marketing experts understand online store solutions extremely well. We trust them because they suggest trendy marketing campaigns based on their knowledge of building and operating stores. Sales have more than doubled since utilizing Cafe24’s Marketing Center.


Global marketing

7.5 billion consumers worldwide

in the United States, Europe, China,

and more are now your customers.

We support online stores’ global expansion with optimized ads
for each country.
Cafe24’s global marketing helps you establish
a brand loved by consumers worldwide.

Integrated global marketing service

Cafe24’s strategic knowhow of many advertising channels,
from keyword ads to social media marketing, will help you
develop an integrated global advertising strategy for regional
search engine optimization (SEO), display advertising, and
influencer marketing.

Powerful global advertising network

Cafe24 partners with numerous global companies including Google, Facebook and Instagram. You can conduct effective localized advertising by leveraging strong marketing channels in each country.

Localized support through
overseas offices

Receive optimized global marketing services through
Cafe24’s overseas offices in 7 countries,
including China, Japan, the Philippines and Taiwan.
Successfully target global markets with local experts.

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