IT with reliable infrastructure
and management services to allow you
to solely focus on growth

Enjoy the best IT environment for your online business, including high-performance
server specifications,460Gbps backbone networks, and raid technology. You can use services
that match the size and characteristics of each stage, such as various business solutions,
including SMS and mailshot, and 1:1 expert consultation.

Quick server hosting

Optimized IT infrastructure

for startups and SMEs

Cafe24’s IT infrastructure, which includes large SSDs, ultra-fast data processing
and dual CPUs, is ideal for services operated by early-stage startups and SMEs. You can expedite
your online business success with a powerful, high-end environment applied with power engines.

Dedicated cloud-like servers

Cafe24’s IT infrastructure acts like the cloud to efficiently process large volumes of traffic during your use of a physical, exclusive server. The latest specifications of CPU and raid technology allow for safe management of data, offering an optimum environment for online businesses.

Secure data management with double backup

Management service

1 : 1 expert consultation that speeds up your business success

Cafe24 provides 1:1 expert consultation for offline-oriented companies planning to expand online and companies that seek to focus on management while entrusting the infrastructure management. We propose step-by-step growth plans for success, as well as system management, including OS application installation, tuning, and version upgrades, and sending system history, traffic, resource, and security check reports.

Cafe24 Business Solutions

All the solutions your business needs

in one place!

Webmail, SMS/LMS, mailshot, electronic tax invoice, groupware,
and more are available for you. You can easily and conveniently apply,
and rapidly lay the foundation for your business at a reasonable price.


Webmail services that serve as the basis for your online business—equipped
with speed, stability, and powerful features. You can kick up your
business communication to the next level with Webmail that effectively blocks
spam mail and transfers large files.


Messaging services that delivers information to a large number
of customers all at once with SMS and LMS. You can use our text service
with the highest reception rate and convenient web transmission system
at an affordable price.

Electronic tax invoice

Cafe24 makes it easy and convenient for you to manage your tax invoices.
Free services are available for easy tax invoice issuance and management.


Groupware services are available to increase corporate efficiency.
You can easily access our electronic payment, personnel attendance
management features, branch management, schedule management,
and document management.

We successfully raised funds several times in the process of expanding my business. It was possible because we were recognized as a reliable brand, not just a vendor. This branding started with our Cafe24 store. It became a brand with various designs and store features made with desired concepts.

Jinseok Kim, CEO of Seok Watches
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