Everything from office space
to startup training and sales
channels through one-stop services
for one-person businesses

Cafe24 offers one-stop services to help one-person business entrepreneurs
easily start their online business. All services from free store solutions to advertising
and marketing, hosting infrastructure, and startup space and training,
are available at Cafe24.

Easy and simple to build and operate a store

Smart artificial intelligence

that recommends the most

functions and provides

on running a store

Feel lost handling everything all by yourself? Create a store
with ease using Cafe24’s solutions. All these features
are supported free of charge.

Smart Mode, easy-to-use for anyone

Smart Mode allows novice one-person business entrepreneurs to easily create a store. Run your online store with 20 essential menus and features

Running a store with the help of
artificial intelligence

With the AI-based content editing tool Edibot, you can create a great product detail page in three minutes. Edibot automatically classifies tens to hundreds of photos. Complete your product detail page by placing the photos in a template.

Easy to complete store design

You don’t need professional knowledge to create a great store. Use Cafe24’s Design Center with the largest selections in Korea comprising over 240,000 design templates and sources, the drag-and-drop editor Edibot Themes, and Cafe24’s license-free fonts.

Incubating program for early-stage start-ups

Cafe24 Startup Support
and Academy

provide services specialized for early-stage

online store merchants

Cafe24 Startup Support and Academy will help you grow faster with office space
for online businesses to success strategies from experts.

Cafe24 Startup Support, a space for online entrepreneurs

Knowhow from professional instructors and successful store owners

Cafe24 Store

You can use all the features
you want with just one click

All the features you want in line with the latest trends are also available for one-person business entrepreneurs. Simply select the features you want in the Cafe24 Store and click for automatic integration to your store.

  • Expand features in one click
    All the features you want, such as AI, big data and VR/AR, are available in the Cafe24 Store. Simply pick the apps you want and click them. They will be immediately applied to your store. You can use a variety of features to provide customers with a new shopping experience.

One-click expansion of sales channels

The Multimarket Management service
allows you to expand
your sales channels
from online marketplaces to select shops.

If you would like to expand your sales channels to meet
more customers, simply use
the Cafe24 Multimarket Management
service. You can establish links to various marketplaces
with just one click and handle store operations, such as product registration,
collection of ordered products, and delivery all at once.

Easy order integration

Input product information in an instant

You no longer need to repeatedly enter product information in dozens of marketplaces. You can register your product information on your Cafe24 admin and send it to all marketplaces automatically.

Free powerful features

Cafe24’s Multimarket Management service is available for free. The powerful service that can integrate your store to more than 40 different marketplaces is available for free.

I tried using many online store solutions provided at home and abroad. But the sales management and other features were not tailored to the Korean market and incurred high management costs. So I ended up settling down with Cafe24. Because it allowed me to personally manage data such as customer reviews, unlike other solutions, it felt most ideal in terms of inventory control and mobile compatibility.

Jiyang Kim, CEO of 66100
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