Use social media, such as Instagram,
as your store Operate a store
as if you are running a blog

You can integrate social media platforms with your Cafe24 store to market and sell products.
We also provide features for influencers, including the specialized delivery of a few selected items and
Sales Calendar function for group buying events. Focus on exercising your creative ideas and
influence and leave the sales to Cafe24.

Cafe24 platform provides powerful integrations
with social media

Cafe24’s powerful function that

turns social media into a store.

You can connect your store to social media, such as Facebook and Instagram,
and market your products. We provide integrated social media management services
as well as professional marketing support.

Edibot Social, an integrated social media management service

You can integrate and manage multiple social media channels. You can post event and product information registered on your store to various social media channels with just a few clicks. It is convenient to convey information to social media as templates suitable for Facebook, blogs, and more are automatically applied without any manual work.

Connect your store to Instagram

You can communicate with your customers by linking Instagram to the main page of your store. If you click Feeds, you will be redirected to Instagram to easily promote your store’s buisness account. You can easily inform customers about new products and sales.

Sell products on Facebook

Advertise on social media
for more followers

Direct purchase URL that turns social media into a powerful marketing channel

Sales features optimized for influencers

Special selling features that take into account

the characteristics of influencer commerce

Various sales functions that take into account
the characteristics
of influencer commerce, which usually entail
hosting lots of sales events and shipping out items
in smaller
quantities. The Sales Calendar, and specialized delivery
services allow you
to effectively generate sales
in a short period of time.

Store operations sufficient for mobile devices

Just like using social media,

you can run a store easily

and simply with your smartphone

Cafe24 offers a powerful mobile solution. You can do everything from store management
(product registration and display) and keeping track with operations (order status and sales information)
to customer management (email) on your mobile. Manage your store easily and simply
with your smartphone as if you are using social media.

From product display to management with your
mobile device

Store management, such as updating new products, checking registered products, displaying products, and inventory management can be done with mobile devices.

Get quick real-time status

Conveniently check the current status of your store in real-time, such as the order status, sales information, and out-of-stock products.

Quick customer management

You can view basic customer information, posts, and order information on a mobile device. You can send email and chatbot messages directly to customers for quick customer service.

Easy utilization of artificial intelligence on mobile devices

Events that grab the attention of social media users

Easy to host various promotions
and events that captivate
the attention of customers

Promotions that are easy even for beginners

Various simple features, such as automatic recommendations of seasonal promotions for summer, New Year and other holidays, banners and pop-up creation, promotional text messaging, and social media registration are available. It remembers the previous promotional information and automatically enters the information to reduce repetitive tasks for merchants. The preparation period, which previously took two to three days, will be reduced to 30 minutes, allowing you to carry out promotions without burden.

Powerful results analysis features for smart management

It visualizes data such as the number of visitors, pop-up and banner clicks, and number of purchases, allowing you to check the progress of the promotion at any time. Such information can be used immediately to select marketing channels and set up strategies for store operations.

Anyone who has visited Loar through the Cafe24 and Instagram integration can easily move to Instagram. We share Instagram posts with our unique fashion style on our store site to help our customers find their style.

Minyoung Kim, CEO of Loar

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