Start your successful
online business at Cafe24
that offers customization features
for your business 

Cafe24 offers flexible customization for templates and features that businesses need.
It offers all services linked to e-commerce, including operations, customer service,
and logistics both domestically and internationally in one-stop.

Conversion from offline to online

Start of a successful online business

In the contactless era, online shopping is experiencing
rapid growth as fewer customers visit brick-and-mortar stores.

Many traditional offline retailers are already actively responding
to customer consumption patterns through Cafe24.

Start your own online business now on the Cafe24 platform.

Building an online store where Cafe24 does everything for you

Cafe24 offers one-stop total services from online store design to operations,
customer service, and logistics to help enterprise customers start successful
online businesses. From the beginning to the end, our dedicated managers
will help our customers drive up sales.

Efficient, integrated online and offline management

Proper online and offline integrated management further enhances corporate competitiveness. Expand your business area with easy and simple systems for
online and offline integrated inventory management, sales information
management to integrated member management.

Customized for enterprise customers

Flexible solutions

to expand essential features

Expand solutions by customizing essential features for business growth
or finding essential features in the Cafe24 Store, and get matched with the best agency
to turn your idea into a reality on Cafe24’s own ecosystem.

Free customization

Connecting with a competent partner

Agencies with the skills and know-how for implementing
the features and designs that companies want are partnering with Cafe24.
Cafe24 identifies the various needs of enterprises, such as creating
an online store, IT/technical support and design, and connect them
with agencies rapidly and safely.

Easy feature upgrades via the Cafe24 Store

Industry’s largest open API

Get technical support for developing online store apps and
features with over 350 APIs, the largest in the industry.
More than 2,000 domestic and international development partners use
the Cafe24 API to continuously update their apps in line
with the latest trends in e-commerce.

Cafe24’s e-commerce technology

Cafe24’s technology drives
business success

Cafe24 supports smart store management with a stable infrastructure and advanced technologies,
such as big data and AI. Cafe24’s technology further enhances the competitive edge of your company.

Reliable infrastructure for big events

Cafe24 provides a fast, reliable online business infrastructure
with up to 460Gbps backbone network along with server operations
and the management know-how for over 28,000 servers. Cafe24 can
automatically expand its servers and networks in the event of a sudden
surge in visitors due to large events and traffic overload, thereby reliably
responding with optimal infrastructure. 

AI-powered online stores

Maximizing sales with big data technology

Automation technology to reduce repetitive tasks

Successful global expansion 

One-stop services enable smooth entry

into the global market

In partnership with global partners, such as Google, Facebook, and PayPal,
you can get everything you need for your global expansion, including marketing,
payment, logistics, and customer service.

Global sales with Facebook and Instagram

Global payment, logistics, and customer service all at once

Operational support from local experts

Access optimized promotion and advertising marketing solutions based on accumulated data and insights from local experts. Local customer service representatives provide the ideal customer experience tailored to each language and culture.

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