Creating an optimal online
business environment
with powerful technologies
like big data and AI

Access industry-leading technologies such as AI, big data, and the latest
mobile technologies that enhance the online business operating environment.
Experience the optimal environment for scaling your business faster.  

AI technology

Artificial intelligence (AI) technology

that increases your online store’s

operational efficiency

Artificial intelligence (AI) technology
that increases your online store’s operational efficiency

  • Register and promote your products with Edibot
    Edibot is an AI editor that analyzes product images to create online store content like banners and product detail pages. It shuffles through hundreds of images to categorize them by type of photo (model shoots or detailed shots), product, and color, in just 30 seconds. Edibot also analyzes your edits to automatically update the default settings with the latest designs and options.
  • Automate essential but repetitive tasks instantly with Recipe
    Recipe is an automation service that completes repetitive tasks that are essential for running an online store, ultimately reducing your working time. You can simply click and connect the tool to generate your own work automation pattern. The pattern is easily applicable to desired tasks such as product registration and CS processing. You can add up to 900 frequented automation patterns with just a few clicks.
  • See customer response based on big data in real-time with SERA
    SERA is a big data analysis service that identifies the behavioral patterns of online store visitors in real-time. It collects and analyzes data on things like product orders and click rates, helping you identify customer reactions and respond promptly. SERA allows you to change product placement and prices with real-time customer response in mind, guiding you to devise more successful operational strategies

Introducing the latest mobile technologies

Advanced mobile technologies
create a user-friendly mobile
shopping environment

Utilize the latest technologies to create a user-friendly shopping environment in line with constantly-changing trends. These technologies also decrease the website bounce rate and increases conversion.

Offer 85% faster webpages with AMP

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) is the standard technology for mobile content and delivers 85% faster page loads than non-AMP pages. Fast loading is possible because of the caching technology that minimizes the resources it takes to load a page. AMP also automatically optimizes the page for search engines, which helps the web page to appear at the top of search results.

Provide an app-like web experience
with next-generation technology, PWA

Progressive Web Apps (PWA) is the latest technology to provide app-like experiences for web pages. This technology optimizes the mobile shopping environment like an app. The changes that you make on your online store are applied to PWA pages in real-time. PWA doesn’t require any coding work, making it very convenient for you to run an online business. Without spending the money or time to create an app, you can provide your customers with a webpage that they can use like an app. PWA pages can be installed directly from a web browser to a mobile device.

Reliable infrastructure

Stable infrastructure

for high-level traffic

Conduct smooth business operations with Cafe24’s
reliable online business environment. Cafe24’s know-how
and infrastructure is built on the experience of processing
transactions for 2.00 million online stores.

Withstand sudden traffic with a sturdy infrastructure

Access a fast and sturdy online business infrastructure with a backbone network that supports up to 460Gbps and 28,000 servers. Secure a stable business environment made possible through Cafe24’s technological investment and R&D efforts.

Process large transactions through automatic traffic predictions

Your website can experience a sudden surge in traffic due to search engine ads or real-time searches. Cafe24 handles such issues promptly by flexibly expanding its server resources. Detecting such traffic surges in advance is the key to immediate server expansion. You can prevent customers from leaving your online store by maintaining image quality through fast page loads. Cafe24 provide the best image optimization technology in the industry, which leads to optimum loading speeds.

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